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From New Forest titles by Martin O'Neill...

'Ponies will try to eat your picnic lunch given half a chance - and who can blame them for preferring a sandwich to holly or brambles? - but this is not good for them or for you.'
Photoguide to New Forest Ponies

'Lymington is rich in gorgeous Georgian architecture. Two of its prettiest streets, Captain's Row and Nelson Place, form a dog-leg (albeit a gorgeous Georgian dog-leg) at the bottom of the High Street.'
Photoguide to Lymington

'Egg-yolk fungus: when young the cap of this fungus is shiny and slimy and really does resemble an egg yolk. It is also known as the cowpat fungus in recognition of its favourite home... It is often solitary but so would you be if you lived on a cowpat.'
Photoguide to New Forest Fungi

'President Theodore Roosevelt walked in the Stoney Cross area of the New Forest in 1910 during a tour of Europe, spotting 40 different bird species on the way. The walk was commemorated 50 and 100 years later.'
The New Forest Book of Lists