This section contains fun New Forest quizzes to download and print and a multiple-choice quiz
Download and print the New Forest Pics' Spotter Guide (pdf 437KB), Quiz Sheet (pdf 410KB) and Spot the difference (pdf 229KB). Can you complete the set?

Spotter Guide

Quiz Sheet

Spot the difference

How well do you know the New Forest? Take the New Forest Pics quiz to find out. All the information you need is in the pages of this website. When you are done, you will find the correct answers at bottom of the Bio page. Score 10 points for each right answer. Good luck.

1. When was the New Forest created?
a) 1079 b) 1579 c) 1979

2. Where in the New Forest is Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle buried?
a) Lyndhurst b) Minstead c) Brockenhurst

3. How long is the New Forest coastline?
a) 4.2km b) 14.2km c) 42km

4. Which of these is a New Forest village?
a) Scotland b) Portugal c) Canada

5. Which of these museums is in the New Forest?
a) The National Lawnmower Museum b) The National Motor Museum c) The National Tank Museum

6. How much of the New Forest is of national or international importance for nature conservation?
a) 16% b) 36% c) 56%

7. Where in the New Forest is the world's oldest pier train?
a) Hythe b) Lymington c) Lepe

8. Which of these is NOT one of the New Forest commoning animals?
a) Deer b) Donkey c) Pony

9. When was the New Forest designated a National Park?
a) 1905 b) 1965 c) 2005

10. How many types of fungi are there in the New Forest?
a) 27 b) 270 c) 2,700