Staying here

Where to stay
The New Forest has a wide range of places to stay: hotels, bed and breakfast, self-catering, camping and holiday parks. See the official tourism site for details. If you are looking for an exotic place from which to send a postcard you can find Canada, Bohemia, Nomansland, Normandy and Lover all within the New Forest. Meanwhile there are some genuine places which might cause raised eyebrows: Slap Bottom, Hag Hill, Mockbeggar, Custards and Little Stubby Hat.

Well-connected - famous names who stayed in the Forest
1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author and creator of Sherlock Holmes - buried at Minstead
2. Alice Hargreaves, inspiration for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland - buried at Lyndhurst
3. Florence Nightingale, nursing heroine - buried at East Wellow
4. T.E. Lawrence, better-known as Lawrence of Arabia - military service at Hythe and Calshot
5. Sir Christopher Cockerill, inventor of the hovercraft - lived in Hythe where there is a memorial