Top 10

Just for fun ... the New Forest in selective, and subjective, Top 10 lists
Mind your language: Top 10 Forest words

The New Forest has a strong heritage of Romany and dialect words.
  1. Sucker = foal
  2. Fuzz acker = Dartford warbler
  3. Cackleberry = hen's egg
  4. Fire bladder = pimple on the face
  5. Wossett = small, ill-favoured pig
  6. Bunny = culvert
  7. Stoachy = muddy ground
  8. Blackjack = burnt gorse stems
  9. Zoomi = broth, soup
  10. Crink-crank = long words not understood properly

Nominal interest: Top 10 place-names
(All genuine)
  1. Sandy Balls near Fordingbridge and Godshill
  2. Anthony's Bee Bottom near Burley
  3. Little Stubby Hat near Lyndhurst
  4. Slap Bottom near Burley
  5. Stinking Edge Wood not far from Bolderwood
  6. Mouse's Cupboard not far from Picket Post
  7. Dunces Arch near Lyndhurst
  8. Custards on the outskirts of Lyndhurst
  9. Wood Crates near Millyford Bridge
  10. Freeworms Hill near Fritham

Tales of the unexpected: Top 10 unlikely features of the New Forest
  1. A theme park - Paulton's Park near Ower
  2. A history of witchcraft - Burley
  3. A power station and oil refinery - Fawley
  4. The National Motor Museum - Beaulieu
  5. A former nuclear bunker - Lepe
  6. HQ of one of the world's largest chemicals companies - INEOS, Lyndhurst
  7. A sales yard for ponies - Beaulieu Road
  8. A motorway - a small section of the M27
  9. A tide mill - Eling
  10. Place where some of Nelson's ships were built - Buckler's Hard

Wild things: Top 10 Forest flower-names
  1. Mouse-ear hawkweed
  2. Glandular eyebright
  3. Sneezewort
  4. Pignut
  5. Lesser skullcap
  6. Nit-grass
  7. Bastard balm
  8. Suffocated clover
  9. Bristle bent
  10. Corky-fruited water-dropwort

Exotic locations: Top 10 improbable places in the Forest
  1. Canada
  2. Bohemia
  3. Nomansland
  4. Portuguese Fireplace
  5. Spaniard's Hole
  6. Newfoundland
  7. Normandy
  8. Lover
  9. Bank
  10. Tiptoe

Named spaces: Top 10 Forest car parks
  1. Smuggler's Road
  2. Moonhills
  3. Pig Bush
  4. Standing Hat
  5. Shatterford
  6. Shave Wood
  7. Horseshoe Bottom
  8. Shepherd's Gutter
  9. Godsill Pit
  10. Goatspen
Best foot forward: Top 10 walks

1. Keyhaven - saltmarshes, lagoons, mudflats, wading birds, views of the Needles, the Isle of Wight, Hurst Castle and Hurst Point Lighthouse

2. Shatterford Bottom - open heath, streams, bogs, woodland, ponies

3. Mark Ash Wood - ancient woodland at the heart of the New Forest, especially attractive in the spring and autumn

4. Beaulieu to Buckler's Hard - riverside walk including the North Solent National Nature Reserve with wildflowers in the spring and beautiful coastal views all year round

5. Wilverley Plain - wide expanse of open heathland and surrounding woods, often a creche for foals in the spring and early summer

6. Bolton's Bench - well-known landmark in Lyndhurst with walks across the cricket field onto the heath and views back the church

7. Lepe - pebbly beach in the south-eastern corner of the New Forest with fascinating D-Day history to discover

8. Bolderwood - attractive woodland trails and a good chance of seeing deer

9. Rockford - big expanse of rolling, heather-covered heathland in the north of the New Forest with sweeping views

10. Hatchet Pond - ideal for a short stroll or a longer circular walk, often frequented by ponies, donkeys and cattle
Forest tracks: Top 10 playlist inspired by the Forest

1. A Forest by The Cure

2. Grass by XTC

3. Pony by Celebration

4. Drifting by 4 Non Blondes (Autumn pony round-ups in the New Forest are known as 'drifts')

5. Brand New Friend by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions (New Forest ponies have brand marks to signify ownership)

6. In a Rut by The Ruts (The autumn deer 'rut' is a significant feature in the New Forest)

7. Roam by The B52s (Ponies, donkeys, cattle and pigs all roam freely in the New Forest)

8. Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed

9. Common People by Pulp (Those whose properties give them rights to graze animals in the New Forest are known as 'commoners')

10. New Forest by Jose Martillotta